someone fuckin dropped the ball bc my sister had to buy her own pizza way to fuck it up guys

i get hung up on people so easily wtf


who wants to buy me a pizza and snuggle or something

Never beg someone to stay
— my five word story (via bl-ossomed)


remember when missing e was still a thing and tumblr practically destroyed their own website just so it wouldnt work right and there were constant popups telling you to get rid of missing e even if you didnt have it



Were you guys aware that Pornhub has ACHIEVEMENTS? BECAUSE I WASN’T.

Hey what’s up guys it’s Ray from Achievement Hunter and we’re back in Pornhub for “The Scribe” achievement



can’t wait for the first Dangan Ronpa game with a lady protag to be made all about Komaeda and Togami


when you walk past a classroom that your friend is in 



Sunny & I can never cuddle long before someone gets really really jealous.


I found a little thing for any of my followers who might cosplay but are on a budget (or just want them even)
I know that quite a few outfits require out-there lip colors and I’ve seen posts going around with lipstick but most are like $16 and I’ve also tried making some out of crayons and that was….. an experience.

But I just found these Kleancolor lipsticks for $1 online. 
I haven’t personally tried them yet but from reviews I’ve seen they work for the price. Especially if you only need it for a few hours, it doesn’t have to be super quality.
If you want to see reviews just google or youtube “Kleancolor review” and you’ll find dozens.

As for the links:

Quite a few are out of stock right now but you can try amazon as well

The website has a lot of cheap brands of makeup for $1 and a lot of youtubers (where I heard of it from) have ordered from them so it seems reputable. I just thought I would put that out there for anyone who was interested!