im working on a drawing rn and idk i just thought i’d kinda offer up this advice since i always see people like I CAN NEVER DRAW THE SECOND EYE THE SAME¬†

in life drawing when my professor was telling us how to draw lips and noses and eyes

he said not to look at each line as curves

if you try to replicate the curves you’ll drive yourself crazy

curves are difficult

instead look at the angles of the curves like the face of a clock

for example

here’s a random picture of an eye on google

woah what an eye

trying that method you’d draw the eye by looking at it like this

break it up like a parabola where the curve changes direction

the first angle on the curve is at about 2 o clock¬†

i just realized i drew the clock wrong but you get the gist

that second part of the curve is about 4 o clock

and you know just do that for the whole eye

im lazy i dont feel like doing the rest

now you know why im an artist and not an art teacher

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